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Francois Beauregard
United States
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Francois "Fran" Beauregard
Beauregard Residential Design

I am a residential designer, an illustrator, and an architect of all kinds of traditional buildings, both "real" structures like luxury private homes and imaginary, for games and novels. I also build quite a lot of things, shelves, furniture, cabinets, architectural components, and interior renovations. I am completely self-taught. Unlike the majority of architectural designers now, I rely exclusively on pencil and paper to express a new building design. Virtually all my floor plans, elevations, cross sections, and three-dimensional "perspective" portraits of buildings are hand-drawn. I am also a huge proponent of "traditional" architecture. Those buildings which have stood the test of time are exceedingly beautiful, timelessly enduring, profoundly well-built and highly functional, and they are where my inspirations and construction techniques come from.

I DO accept commissions to design buildings of all forms and types, both fantasy and real, including fantastic houses, spectacular castles, detailed villages, and more, in any historic style of your choice, or, I can invent a new style! I have received a number of commissions from Deviant in the last few months, including real architectural work, website illustrations for a builder, novel illustrations, virtual building designs for games, and a book cover for a novel, and the commission requests continue.

Viewers of my drawings and designs may learn from them, be inspired by them, or use them as a basis for something more involved. I am not possessive and share freely. If you would like to make a 3D model or other artwork based on something in my gallery, feel free, I love seeing how other people interpret what I draw. Just be sure to send me a note during progress or when you are done, and credit me as the designer, that's all!

Also, if you are interested in watercolors, digital art, and drawings of traditional architecture, both existing historic structures and original designs of all kinds, be sure to check out my group, Classic-Architecture!

Recent concept design and illustration work:
Wizards of the Coast, U.S. : Multiple assignments in 2015 and 2016, mostly architectural in nature, for internet and print
Several Game Companies, China: Concept design, unusual landscapes, and unique architecture for a prospective game designs
Flurry the Bear, Series of Books: Many designs for castles, villages, unusual landscapes, architecture, color added later by other artists
Other small assignments for concept design/castles/more, mostly for novels

Current Residence: South Carolina, U.S.
Operating System: Pencil

Quick Update News:

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 9, 2016, 9:21 AM
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Update File, New Sketch for House 170:House 170 Mountain Lodge by Built4ever

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows


City of Ceirdan, Fischerhafen and Boats
Part of an extensive concept/illustration project to design an entire city based on modified Venitian ideas with a heavy dose of Italian vernacular/medieval architecture and a huge fleet of nautical vessels from small fishing craft to merchant and military galleys and a few surprises! Final project will be a detailed city map with specific sectors, streets, extensive canal network, wealth and poverty, and specific monumental buildings of importance to the story. Very very complicated to keep the detail level "in line" with the size, population (100K,) and intermingled street vs. canal network. For a novel by Alexander Pigulla to be hopefully printed/published in 2017. 

Technique: Faber-Castell "green" pencils, mostly 2H and H on toned paper, labels and minor layout and transparent effects with GIMP free software.


Note: File changed out on 2-17-2017
City of Urna, Architectural Monuments
The Spectacular City of Urna, population 1 million, located in a huge grassy plain next to a monumentally steep cliffside. City is at the termination point of a shallow river system which was diverted on the outskirts of the city to an underground water system which then flows through various outlets hundreds of feet down the cliffs, creating a spectacular set of waterfalls, best viewed from the Conclave Tower. The old city center is depicted, built during "classical" times and laid out on a primary axis. Outer sections of city are typically medieval/gothic architecture, not shown here, but the Conclave Tower was also built in the later Gothic style.

Part of a commission project for Andrew Cooper, city was described verbally only and I took it from there. There is also a bird's eye view of the overall city and surrounding lands, which I might post separately. This is all part of a detailed RPG rules system/world developed by Andrew and colleagues, and these illustrations will go on the cover of his personally published guides for the various players.
A Country Inn and Tavern
Of course it could be a private home too, but I imagined it as a small country inn with a dozen or more rooms and a small tavern to the left, set in a pristine rural location, hilly, "active" farmland, pastures and crops, etc.

Technique: Pencil sketch, transferred to toned paper, watercolor, additional pencil and ink pen, work is still in progress.

File updated 2-13-2017
Boot Camp
Triple "Fashion Pin-up," based on classic pin-up girl aesthetics and concepts combined with a keen interest in western fashion design, complete with saddles and boots as background props.

Sketched from imagination including original boot and outfit design. I was looking for a dusty tan look, especially to the pants, and a fairly deep contrast to give it a strength and monumentality. The boots are strictly "show" boots with zippers, due to the narrow ankles, so, though influenced by western working wear, thess are show-off outfits for special occasions or going out. Color palette is very monochrome, greyish brown.

Technique: Faber-Castell 9000 series pencils, mostly 2H, H, and HB, not darker. Sharp pencil leads, all shading with cross hatching. Drawings on toned paper, scanned, and color toned to brown and tan line-work, all post-scan work done with free "GIMP" software, (poorman's Photoshop.) 

Note:File changed out and updated on 1-9-2016
Dragon Den
House 414 preliminary design concepts, small house on large acreage animal farm, in piney woods of Eastern Texas, a few hours north of Houston. Design program includes: metal roofs (reflects sun and good performance in hot humid climate,) storybook cottage/Tudor primary design scheme with unusual influences and ideas including gothic windows, dragon/fantasy motifs, and highly personal floor plan for a single person in retirement. House will be small but budget is generous per square foot so we can get away with a lot of exuberant detailing and funky interior treatments, whatever we can dream up! Long term project will likely go through many permutations but this is where it stands today.


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IMAKILL3R Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really, really, really like your designs! I'm an aspiring film maker but I love most other art forms as well, plus if I do make movies, I could use a good production designer sometime... ;) lol
Built4ever Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Thanks, ultimately I may end up in the movie industry, I can see that coming...
IMAKILL3R Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh why's that? 
Built4ever Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Designing the architecture of course. Very important in Harry Potter for example. Worked with a guy who's already in the industry.
krukof2 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Professional
:icontiphankeplz: Thank you so much for the watch  :tighthug: :icontiphankeplz:
                     Drawing a Loop by krukof2  
Built4ever Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
No prob.
Amarynceus Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Professional General Artist
Cheers for the watch, and happy new years! :ahoy:
Built4ever Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
Yeah, have a good year, and we may need to get into some discussions on appropriate sail rigs and other technical matters he he...
Amarynceus Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Professional General Artist
Any time, I love to geek out about boats, ships, and everything in between. :ahoy:
Built4ever Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
Cool. I'm learning sail rigs as fast as I can, but trying to invent "unknown" arrangements (original), who knows if it will actually be sail-able?
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