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Francois Beauregard
United States
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Francois "Fran" Beauregard
Beauregard Residential Design

I am a residential designer, an illustrator, and an architect of all kinds of traditional buildings, both "real" structures like luxury private homes and imaginary, for games and novels. I also build quite a lot of things, shelves, furniture, cabinets, architectural components, and interior renovations. I am completely self-taught. Unlike the majority of architectural designers now, I rely exclusively on pencil and paper to express a new building design. Virtually all my floor plans, elevations, cross sections, and three-dimensional "perspective" portraits of buildings are hand-drawn. I am also a huge proponent of "traditional" architecture. Those buildings which have stood the test of time are exceedingly beautiful, timelessly enduring, profoundly well-built and highly functional, and they are where my inspirations and construction techniques come from.

I DO accept commissions to design buildings of all forms and types, both fantasy and real, including fantastic houses, spectacular castles, detailed villages, and more, in any historic style of your choice, or, I can invent a new style! I have received a number of commissions from Deviant in the last few months, including real architectural work, website illustrations for a builder, novel illustrations, virtual building designs for games, and a book cover for a novel, and the commission requests continue.

Viewers of my drawings and designs may learn from them, be inspired by them, or use them as a basis for something more involved. I am not possessive and share freely. If you would like to make a 3D model or other artwork based on something in my gallery, feel free, I love seeing how other people interpret what I draw. Just be sure to send me a note during progress or when you are done, and credit me as the designer, that's all!

Also, if you are interested in watercolors, digital art, and drawings of traditional architecture, both existing historic structures and original designs of all kinds, be sure to check out my group, Classic-Architecture!

Recent concept design and illustration work:
Wizards of the Coast, U.S. : Multiple assignments in 2015 and 2016, mostly architectural in nature, for internet and print
Several Game Companies, China: Concept design, unusual landscapes, and unique architecture for a prospective game designs
Flurry the Bear, Series of Books: Many designs for castles, villages, unusual landscapes, architecture, color added later by other artists
Other small assignments for concept design/castles/more, mostly for novels

Current Residence: South Carolina, U.S.
Operating System: Pencil

Quick Update News:

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 9, 2016, 9:21 AM
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Update File, New Sketch for House 170: House 170 Mountain Lodge by Built4ever

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Texture by Princess-of-Shadows


House 345 Storybook Cottage
House 345, storybook cottage, interior layout view from rear bird's eye perspective. Floor plan/exterior features some eccentric 45 degree "cut-outs" at corners up front, large study to front, bedroom suite, with great room, kitchen, and dining facing the back yard. 

The interior will be beautiful of course, with arts and crafts style cabinets and woodwork, painted and stained wood paneling, hardwood floors throughout, beamed ceilings, and more. Master suite is upstairs, but there's a mini master suite on the first floor. There's a small wood shop behind the garage.

Note: File updated 10-23-2017

This plan is available for purchase, "as-is" or modified as a custom design.

Sketch of Front with details, 3D model and rendering by Daniel Mikulik, and another version of front view and interior layout, rear "clearance check" 3D diagram:

Storybook Cottage Style: House 345 by Built4ever Color Portrait of House #345 by Built4ever Portrait/Plan of House 345C, A Storybook Cottage by Built4ever House 345 Rear Gable Model, Clearance Check by Built4ever
Traditional Neighborhood Design
Three home designs on 50' wide x 120' deep alley garage lots, three bedroom homes with master suites up, size ranging from 2400-2800 square feet, two-car garage in rear, significant front porches and chimneys, darker-toned exterior materials with somber natural colors. Full plans completed for all, models have full interiors first and second floors. Part of larger project that includes many other similar homes based on American early 20th century classic home design styles, including Tudor, Cottage/Storybook, Craftsman Bungalow, and more. House #352 in middle was built 2 years ago.

Individual Homes:
House 339 Portrait by Built4ever House 352 by Built4ever House 325A Plan by Built4ever
Three Classic Craftsman Bungalows
A quick diagram to figure out the minimal tolerable traditional neighborhood arrangement for three of my bungalow designs, assuming alley-access garages in back joined to house. I made these other assumptions: 15' front lawn setback, 10' mandatory front porch, full-width of house OR 2/3 width, 5'-7' side setbacks for each lot, 20' rear driveway, about 23' for depth of garage in back, maybe 24' wide, for a decent size two-car garage, 5' front sidewalk, 16' rear alley. Each home is a different width, but averaging from about 30' to 36' wide. Homes must have eave-front design with eaves at roughly 10' high above first floor OR eave-side design with eaves at 10' above first floor, gable facing forward, and each with secondary gables, dormers, smaller roofs, etc. House should appear compact and "low-slung" as traditional bungalows do, with substantial roof overhangs and classic bungalow porch details. 

This is a good way to test plans and concepts and see how they actually work together. One issue that comes up is rear access and possible rear porches and patios. This type of narrow lot doesn't allow much in back. Ideally, we would want at least a small patio behind the house and next to the garage, on the left. House 302 has side access on the wrong side really, because I originally designed it so the master bedroom, on the left rear corner, has plenty of window area. House 322 has a decent side/rear porch but that could easily be revised because the laundry/utility area is there. House 321 also has problems with rear access. I would have to modify the plan to have a door from the great room in back to the rear yard. Not difficult to do though. 

As always, home plans are, and should be, in a constant state of improvement and modification.

Streetscape view of three elevations looks very good. 

File Updated 10/1/2017 Added 3D model interiors and cleaned up/revised the elevation sketches.

Individual Home Summaries:

House 321 3-D Model, Rendering, Plans by Built4ever House 322 Plan by Built4ever House 302A Plan, Master Ste. Down by Built4ever
House 415
New home design under rapid development for Greenville SC. Medit. design cues, luxury master ste, two-story grand entry and great room with 10' ceilings throughout, two additonal bedrooms/loft/bath on sec floor, 3500 SF total, with pool and terrace in rear.

We had a minor delay during summer, but we are now officially under construction!

For custom design service, email me at

Note: File updated 9/15/2017
House 323 Interior Pictures
3D Model Layout of Interior "built" to exact dimensions, perspective sketch, and pictures of the interior of House 323 in Eastern Texas. Lower level of house/basement opens to back and includes a room, bathroom, collectible car storage, and other storage. Second floor includes two bedrooms to front and bathroom. Rear yard overlooks a shallow reservoir lake.

Also, here's a drone video of the exterior:…

Note: File changed out 9/11/2017

Construction Pics and Sequences:

House 323 Front, Original Concept to Finished Home by Built4ever  House 323 Rear Elevation and Foundation by Built4ever  House 323 Custom Residence in Texas by Built4ever  House 323 Side Elevation, as Built in Texas by Built4ever


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GrimObsessions Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Student Filmographer
Quite the talent you got there! I really enjoy the old school gritty look that gives them a warmth! I also do design and construction but more often than not, people don't like me sharing things i've been paid for... At least on the internet... Most are fine with me showing other clients some things... privacy concerns... Current client did however agree to let me publish via web 😄 but still stuck in design and permit stages
Built4ever Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017
You are the owner and originator of the plan/concepts/design, you have all copyrights, can do anything you want, and certainly can use your own designs to promote your own business. I don't think anyone really objected to me sharing their home design. Some people quite proud of it of course. I don't share construction documents and I am aware that plan ideas get "borrowed" if you give too much away, but perspective portraits, nice front elevations, and 3D models of interior are all "glory shots" that nobody should object to you sharing.
GrimObsessions Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Student Filmographer
Correct! But most of them involve hidden rooms or safes... Seems to be a big deal for mildly wealthy people... To other concerns like floor plans being posted and used for malicious purposes... most wealthy people are always paranoid and for good reason... so most prefer no pictures taken... i can respect that... i stay pretty busy cause of that...
Built4ever Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
Yes several of my design posted here that were built or under construction have special or secret rooms! Not much given away on the plans.
Sereida-Arts Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Your artwork is really impressive, love it!
Built4ever Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2017
Sereida-Arts Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Student General Artist
Universumnewhorizont Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hello i came back with a new pseudo drawing house…
flak-ninja Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always love when your work shows up in my notifications. Your traditional style is very appealing and eye catching. Quick question, though: why do you not include the second floor plans in your work posted here?

Keep up the outstanding work!
Built4ever Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Some of them WILL get sec floor 3D interiors added, it's partly a time thing as I update everything at the same time. I'm also experimenting with what I can show on one book page. For example, if you open the book, the house rendering is at top, first floor 3D model below it (typical of most I updated,) then, on the opposing page, sec floor 3D interior, and additional details, rear view, something else? Not sure yet. Thanks!
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